FAQ - The Order Process

Order placed stage:

Q: I placed my order but haven’t heard anything since?
A: Once your order is placed, you will hear from our admin team Danielle & Shani within 48 hours via email.

Q: I received my welcome email but haven’t received anything since?
A: Depending on who your funder is and when your vehicle is estimated to arrive, you may not hear from us for up to 4 weeks after placing your order. This will be outlined in your welcome email. Your finance contracts will come through either within 1-2 weeks or when the vehicle is built and, in the UK, so if you have placed a factory order and haven’t received contracts yet, this is normal.

Q: My welcome email asks me to send over some proofs, I don’t understand when these need to be sent?
A: If we have emailed you to advise you your funder is Santander or LeasePlan then the proofs we are requesting are required from you as soon as possible. If we have emailed you to advise another funder then your proofs will be required when your return your finance contracts, which may not be sent to you until your vehicle arrives in the UK.

Q: My welcome email says my finance contracts will be sent within 1-2 weeks, why is this taking so long for a stock order?
A: Finance contracts are sent as soon as possible once your order is placed, some funders can be sent very quickly, and some can take a couple of weeks to arrive. If we can send your finance contracts to you quicker then we will.

Q: When is my car coming / can I get a delivery date?
A: Regardless of if you have placed a factory or stock order, we cannot give you a delivery date until the vehicle is physically in stock with a UK dealership and all paperwork required is in place and accepted. The ETA advised at the point of order will be the ETA currently and you will be updated by the admin team as and when updates are available.

Q: Who is the dealership supplying the vehicle?
A: We work with a range of PDI centres across the UK and our vehicles are delivered from there so we do not find out who the dealer working with that PDI centre is until after delivery.

Finance contracts stage:

Q: My finance contract instructions say you need my original driving license, can I still send a copy?
A: No, if the instructions say we need the original then photocopies will not be accepted.

Q: Why can’t you send these as an e-sign?
A: Some funders don’t offer the e-sign option and if they do but you haven’t received an e-sign it is because they haven’t been able to verify your email address as belonging to you and therefore cannot issue contracts as an e-sign for data protection.

Q: Why can’t you accept scans?
A: Some funders require original documentation for their policies. We cannot change this unfortunately as we don’t work for the funder, we just work with them.

Q: My contracts say they need to be returned within 5 days, what if they’re late?
A: We ask that contracts are returned as soon as possible for ease, but if you are unable to return them in 5 days just let us know when we can expect them.

Q: I want to add maintenance that is offered in my VWFS contracts, do I just tick the box?
A: No, if you would like us to add this on for you, we will need to get new contracts for you to sign so let us know your preference and we will change this.

Q: No maintenance is stated on my contracts, but I asked for this to be included?
A: It may be that your maintenance package is being provided via a third party and if so, you will receive separate contracts for this.

Q: Is the registration date on the contracts the confirmed delivery date?
A: No, we simply have to enter a date on the contracts in order to generate them. A confirmed delivery date will be advised at a later stage.

Q: Can you change my bank details?
A: We cannot change your bank details at this stage as this would mean putting you back in the finance application stage based on new bank details. Please arrange to change bank details after delivery direct with funder.

Q: Can you put a private plate on the vehicle?
A: You are allowed to put your own private registration number on the vehicle, but this needs to be done after delivery directly with the funder.

Q: Why do I have to pay part of my initial rental up before delivery?
A: Some funders require some or all of your initial rental paying before delivery can be booked, if this is the case then it will be outlined in the email sent with your contracts on.

Updates on orders:

Q: I haven’t received an update on my order in 2 weeks?
A: If your order is a factory order then you will be updated every 2-8 weeks up until delivery being arranged and updates are sent out on Fridays typically.

Q: My update says my vehicle is coming later than when I ordered?
A: When your order is placed, an estimated arrival time is advised, as this is an estimate up until delivery is booked the timeframe can move back and forth beyond our control.

Q: I can’t wait any longer that the originally advised ETA, what are my options for cancelling?
A: We understand delays are frustrating, if you do wish to cancel your order there would be a cancellation fee payable as set out in your terms and conditions.

Q: Can you look into alternative vehicles for me if my order is not going to arrive for when I need it?
A: We are more than happy to look into alternative vehicles for you, but we cannot guarantee the alternatives will be a price/spec/vehicle match.

 Booking delivery:

Q: I was told I could have delivery earlier than this when I ordered?
A: We do not guarantee nor promise delivery dates or timescales, we only advise you an estimated timeframe based on the information we have at the time, if the date offered is different than this then this will be out of our control.

Q: I want an earlier slot that you have offered for delivery?
A: The slot we have offered is the earliest slot available.

Q: I want a different address then the address on the delivery form you’ve sent?
A: Not a problem, just write the correct address on the form underneath where it asks for this.

Q: I need the car delivered in the morning / afternoon.
A: We can request AM or PM time slots, but neither are guaranteed.

Q: I don’t have access to a printer, can I just email you to book delivery?
A: You can, but we need you to email confirming your required, date address and authorised signatory along with agreement to all points of the delivery form sent over.

Q: Will be vehicle be delivered on a trailer or driven?
A: Vehicles can be delivered via trailer or driven dependant on the supplier and distance, if you would specifically like your vehicle delivering via trailer then please let us know before delivery is confirmed so we can get a price for this. This is not guaranteed to happen unless you have paid for a transported/trailered delivery.

Q: Can I collect my vehicle?
A: No, we do not offer collections of our vehicles as they are delivered directly from a Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI) centre unable to facilitate collections.

Vehicle delivery:

Q: It’s my delivery date today, I haven’t heard anything yet from the driver?
A: You should receive a call from the driver when they’re approx. one hour away but if you’ve not heard by 2.30pm, give us a call.

Q: My car is being delivered but I need to go out for a bit?
A: The driver should call you when en-route so keep your phone handy and stay close by so you can get back for their arrival.

Q: My vehicle has turned up with damage what should I do?
A: If your vehicle is damaged, you can either reject it entirely until the dealership has resolved the damage and can then re-deliver or you can give us a call and ensure it is noted on the delivery note / handover sheet to be repaired after you accept the car. Any damage not noted on the delivery sheet will not be rectified by the supplier, so it is your responsibility to do this.

Q: My vehicle was delivered with miles on it, are these taken in my allowance?
A: Yes, these are deducted from your mileage allowance.

Q: My registration number is not recognised on any insurance sites, how do I get insurance?
A: Your vehicle may not be recognised on insurance sites until a few days after delivery so for insurance you may need to insure via the make and model & add the registration number onto your policy afterwards.


Q: I accepted my car delivery, but I’ve just noticed some damage on it, what can you do?
A: If you didn’t note this on the delivery note at the point of handover then the dealership is within their rights to not accept liability for the damage. It is your responsibility to fully inspect the vehicle before accepting it.

Q: Can you change the account my initial rental is coming out of?
A: No, we cannot change the bank details at this stage, but you can call your funder directly to ask for an account change and they will advise you if they can do this or not.

Q: Can I pay by credit card for my initial rental?
A: No, this must be a debit card.

Q: A warning light is on my vehicle, what should I do?
A: Get in touch with your local dealer for the vehicle to be looked at under manufacturers warranty.

Q: Do I have breakdown cover?
A: Yes, this is included in your lease direct with the manufacturer.

Q: My vehicle was delivered with miles on it, are these taken in my allowance?
A: Yes, these are deducted from your mileage allowance.

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