Volkswagen are a quintessential example of German automotive engineering quality. Despite not being classed as a luxury brand like Audi or BMW, Volkswagen provide a high standard of quality and reliability across their models, many of which have inspired features of models from other brands.

VW was founded in 1937 in Germany with the purpose of providing practical and affordable independent transport to everyday people, as only 1 in 50 Germans could afford to own a car at this time. Volkswagen literally translates to ‘people’s car’, and this ethic still rings true today. Volkswagen offer a wide range of vehicles from hatchbacks, estates and saloons to SUV’s and people carriers. 

Here at RGW Contracts, we provide a range of VW contract hire deals suited for both personal and business use. No matter your needs and budget, the ‘people’s car’ company will have something to suit you. Boasting the quality of German engineering without the price tag you’d expect from Audi, BMW and Mercedes, Volkswagen is a very popular brand all over Europe.

VW provide both the Polo Hatch and the Golf Hatch as their affordable city car models. Both models are available with a choice of 1.0, 1.6 or 2.0 litre engine size, and provide a healthy blend of efficiency and power, making them excellent general use cars. The VW Golf is also available as an estate car that comes with a bigger engine size and roof bars, making it better suited for families. 

The VW Passat is a very popular car in the UK, providing a larger option for family use while also blending hints of the executive style found in other German brands. The Passat is available as a Saloon or Estate, with the Passat Alltrack Estate being better suited to driving in adverse conditions with its increased ground clearance and four wheel drive. If you’re looking for a smaller VW better suited for city driving, the Up Hatch might be the right choice for you.

We also offer contract hire on many SUV and van models, from the Golf Sports Van to the Sharan and Tiguan models, each of which offer a simple and high quality driving experience. The Golf Arteon is the executive model from VW, borrowing style from other German brands with a sleeker take on the Passat, the Arteon features an aerodynamic design for those seeking a more luxurious driving experience.

Browse our range of Volkswagen leasing deals below, and feel free to get in touch with our team if you have any questions about our deals or models.