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Porsche Contract Hire

Porsche is one of the most prestigious German brands after BMW, Audi and Mercedes; with a long history of creating quality performance vehicles for road and track.

The first car Porsche built was actually the Volkswagon Beetle after being asked by the German Government to create a 'car for the people' - hence the creation of the brand 'Volkswagon'. The VW Beetle is one of the most successful car designs of all time and, despite not being a Porsche, Porsche is still responsible for the initial design.

There have been several other cutting-edge innovations including one of the first electric cars to come into existence. In 1900 the Lohner-Porsche electric car was presented at the World Fair in Paris. It brought Ferdinand Porsche, the company's founder, international attention due to the individual wheel hub engines that eventually led to all-wheel-drive vehicles being created along with the first hybrid petrol/electric vehicle.

Porsche also has a strong racing pedigree which began with the original Mercedes Compressor which was designed by Ferdinand Porsche in 1923, this innovation led to several other Mercedes-Benz S-Type models that would go on to dominate international motorsport for most of the 1930s. In 1939 Porsche created the Type 63 racing coupe which is widely believed to be the forefather of all modern models of Porsche sports car popular today. 

Performance has always been a feature of all Porsche vehicles as a result of this racing pedigree and the launch of the Porsche brand in 1948 with the 356/1 was no different. The roadster was significantly lighter than other sports cars at the time which meant it had quicker acceleration and shorter braking distances along with more optimal cornering - in August it competed in a race in Innsbruck and immediately achieved a class win. In 1970 the 917 short-tail coupe gave Porsche it's first victory at the prestigious Le Mans 24 hour race along with the Constructor's World Championship; sealing it's image as a world-beating manufacturer of performance racing cars.

Today Porsche maintains their image as a brand that produces high-performing sports cars which give a nod to their racing history, they are a premium brand which attracts high prices due to their quality and performance. In recent years though the company has diversified their range to include models for the SUV market with the Cayenne and Macon, which cater to a more luxurious customer who wants to drive in comfort and style rather than the sporty, racer style models.

You can browse Porsche contract hire options below which include high-performance models like the 911 and Boxster, along with the more elegant SUVs like the Cayenne and Macon.