The well-known British motor brand has been around since 1924. The iconic octagonal MG logo cannot be mistaken for anything else. 

MG (Morris Garages) is an iconic British motor brand that was established in 1924, personally owned by William Morris. MG’s first model, the 14/28 Super Sports, went on sale in1924, featuring a top speed of 65mph and a Morris Oxford badge on the bonnet. This was replaced in 1927 by the 14/40, almost identical to the previous version but instead boasting the iconic octagonal MG logo. 

The brand was masterminded and brought into popularity by its general manager Cecil Kimber who suggested creating Morris cars with a sportier edge to appeal to a gap in the market. This was a huge success and so the popular MG brand was born. MG is best known for its two-seater sports car, also producing saloons and coupés, with engines up to three liters in size. 

MG has gone over many changes in ownership over the years, now owned by Chinese automotive giant SAIC Motor Corporation Limited. The first all-new MG model launched in the UK in June 2011 after a 16-year break. 

The current range of MG models being manufactured includes the MG3, MG ZS, and MG GS. The MG brand brings you reliable cars that are comfortable to drive and stylish. With so much history behind them, there is no wonder they are creating the outstanding cars they do. Coming in at a fairly average price for leasing a car, the MG gives you the chance to experience luxury at a more affordable price. 

At RGW Motors we have a range of MG Motor vehicles for you to choose from. Whether you are looking for something smaller like the MG3, or a larger vehicle like the ZS, we have the MG for you. 

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