Lexus Contract Hire 

Lexus has forged a brand perception engrained into the luxury end of the market ever since its creation in 1983. Starting life as a project by parent company Toyota, the brand has gone on to be one of the most prestigious in world motoring. 

Now established as Japan’s largest premium car brand, Lexus is a firm rival of German manufacturers Audi, BMW and Mercedes in the luxury sector, while also rivalling performance vehicles  Alongside its rivals, Lexus has built a brand on high-quality materials mixed in with the latest in motoring technology for the past few decades, pioneered by its inclusion of hybrid fuel across the range of cars. The duel power solution lowers the fuel emissions making Lexus car leasing a popular choice with business users. 

Whether you are looking for a comfortable ride in a stylish SUV or a heart-pumping racer Lexus offer a car leading deal perfect for you. Cruise around town in either and you have a wealth of technology at your disposal from the cockpit. Infotainment screens are standard mixed with touchpads and physical buttons to control your every need. 

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