From its beginnings of being a hero to thousands of Allied soldiers in the second world war, the Jeep brand was born in the early 1940s by the Willys-Overland Motors when it was commissioned by the U.S Army to manufacture a rugged and reliable off-road vehicle.

By 1945, approximately 640,000 Jeeps had been produced, making up almost 20% of military vehicles built in the U.S Army during the war. Willys-overland produced the first branded Jeep in 1945, for both public, commercial and agricultural use.

Fast forward to today and the Jeep brand has evolved into one of the leaders in 4x4 vehicles known for their size, power and reliability. Jeep’s model range of sport utility vehicles includes both off-road and crossover models. Ideal for business and personal use, Jeep’s range of luxury vehicles are ideal for those looking for a perfect mix space and comfort.

Jeep’s Grand Cherokee is designed for maximum comfort, luxury and urban travel. Our Grand Cherokee for hire range sport a Supercharged 6.2L V8 petrol engine designed for low CO2 emissions. The Grand Cherokee’s interior puts the latest technology at you fingertips, including a Uconnect® HD touchscreen display radio, key vehicle performance readings and parking sensors.

As well as the Grand Cherokee, we also have other Jeep models available to fit your needs from the award-winning Wrangler, to the sleek style and spaciousness of the Compass, to the unique personality of the Renegade.