Ford are one of the most recognisable car manufacturers in the world. Few manufacturers provide as versatile a range of vehicles, from hatchbacks and estate cars to SUV’s and convertibles.  

Ford Motor Company was founded in Michigan in 1903, and has grown to become the fifth largest vehicle manufacturer in the world. Their success stems from the variety of the vehicles they produce and their practical application across the world. Here at RGW Contracts, we have a wide range of leasing deals available for Ford vehicles. We have contract hire available for both personal and business use, and with Ford’s sheer range of models, you’ll be sure to find what you need in our range.

The ever-popular Ford Fiesta is a versatile hatchback car that works as both a city car and a family car that provides good access and efficient engine performance. The original Fiesta and the new Fiesta Navigation models are both available in 1.0 litre to 1.5 litre engine sizes, giving just the right amount of power for efficient but enjoyable driving. The Fiesta was also named Best Hot Hatch of 2019 by What Car.

If you’re looking for a reliable family car, the Ford Focus could be the right choice for you. Coming in both Estate and Hatchback models, the Ford Focus is one of the most popular cars on British roads. The Estate model is ideal for families on the go, providing enough interior space for everyone along with roof bars for extra storage. The Ford Mondeo is larger option that provides an executive feel. Available in Estate, Hatchback and Saloon styles, the Mondeo is a very popular option for businessmen and families alike.

We also have leasing deals available on the Galaxy, a 7 seater people carrier that comes with the same reliability and quality that Ford always bring. The Galaxy comes with a 2.0 litre engine and a choice of manual or automatic transmission, while Tourneo Courier comes with a 1.5 litre engine and a handy start+stop function. is We also provide offers for the Ford Kuga, a 5 door SUV with a 1.5 to 2.0 litre engine, ideal for families on the go.

For lovers of sports cars, we have deals available for the iconic Ford Mustang Convertible. Available with a lovely 5.0 litre engine, the new Mustang is a modern take on the classic model and can’t be missed. Browse our range of Ford leasing deals below, or feel free to get in touch with our team if you require more information.