Bmw Bmw 1 Series Hatchback

The BMW 1 Series is a popular model in the world of hatchbacks and the latest iteration of the 1 Series has seen it’s biggest changes to date. BMW has ditched their famed rear-wheel drive and opted for front-wheel drive (or 4x4 on more expensive models) to make sure the 1 Series is direct competition for the likes of the Volkswagen Golf, Mercedes A-Class and Audi A3

The changes don’t end there, the latest 1 Series is visually different to its predecessor. The body is shorter in length, yet seems taller while still offering good interior space. Aircon, Bluetooth, cruise control, LED headlights and more come as standard. At RGW Contracts you’ll find plenty of leasing options covering sport, SE and M Sport models of the 1 Series meaning there’s something for every driver. 

A practical hatchback that is fun to drive, with plenty of options to truly personalise the car to your needs, the BMW 1 Series is a great day to day car that you won’t be bored of on the weekends.