Audi Audi Q7 Estate

Audi Q7 Contract Hire

Setting the benchmark in the Luxury SUV market, an Audi Q7 contract hire deal is great for personal lease and business hire for high-end professionals. Offering up to 7 seats in three tiers, the Q7 is well suited to an active family lifestyle while bringing they style and sophistication you expect with the Audi brand. 

After winning the What Car Luxury SUV for 2019, the Q7 is understandable a leader in its field beating the considerable competition in the form of the Land Rover Discovery and rival German manufacturers in the BMW X5 model and the substantial Mercedes GLE SUV. 

The Audi Q7 offers a range of high- tech additions added to the previous model's seven-seat design to keep pace with their rivals. All models are fitted with a mild-hybrid-system which shuts down the engine during deceleration to save fuel. Front and rear sensors come as standard on the Q7 proving very helpful if you are not used to parking a car of this size. Premium models also include a rear camera for additional help. 

Inside the Q7 offers more legroom than its competitors in the rear seats and the view from the front seats is very commanding, offering an excellent view of the road ahead. After ditching the retractable infotainment system, Audi added a second screen to the 2019 model taken from the top of the range Audi Q8. This controls almost everything in the car apart from actually driving, including everything from audio, to climate control.