Alfa Romeo Alfa Romeo Giulia Saloon

The Alfa Romeo Giulia is a top quality luxury saloon that boasts a sleek and sporty exterior design, a host of advanced driving technology and a stylish look that hints at the reliable, dynamic driving experience the Giula has to offer.

We have a range of variations available for the Alfa Romeo Giulia and a choice of 2.0 L petrol, 2.2 L turbo diesel or 2.9 biturbo V6 petrol engines. Models include the Speciale, the efficient Nero Edizione and the Veloce. Finally, the famous Alfa Romeo Quadrigoglio was named the What Car Top Performance Car of 2019, due to its efficient blend of luxury and sportiness.

Alongside being an effortlessly stylish vehicle for both personal and business leasing, the Giulia comes with automatic transmission across the board and 5 door access. This, along with the ample passenger space, makes the Giulia practical as a family car alongside a sports saloon. Priced on the market between £33,000 and £63,000, the Giulia is available here from only £384 per month.