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Redditch was put on the map in the 14th century due to its industrial heritage, at one point it was responsible for manufacturing 90% of the world's needles and was a big player in the manufacturing of fishing tackle. Whilst in modern times this has given way to a large modern lighting industry and services industry, Redditch still takes pride in its history and is the location of the National Needle Museum. 

Redditch is also a forerunner in modern town planning, with a new town being designed in 1964 to create housing space for workers who were brought to the areas as a result of the massively expanding industry in Birmingham. Redditch being only 15 miles from Birmingham makes it an ideal location for workers who commute and the new town plan reflected this, using newly designed dual carriageways and banked roads to reduce noise and improve the flow of traffic.

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Our sole purpose at RGW is to provide affordable car leasing deals to anyone and everyone in the UK, coupled with an unmatched level of service in doing so. Using these as our main drivers have led to us having a TrustScore of 9.5 on Trustpilot meaning you can trust us to work hard and provide exceptional service when taking out car leasing with us.

As a whole market brokerage for car and van leasing, both in Redditch and throughout the UK, we are able to provide the best deals on most manufacturers and models of vehicle you want to lease. Pick up the phone today and chat to our friendly customer service team who will be able to help you find the perfect car or van at the best price.

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