Car Leasing Benefits

Advantages of car leasing

Leasing offers an affordable way to drive a brand new car without having to buy one. In addition to driving the latest, most technologically advanced vehicles, leasing comes with a host of benefits.

- Drive a better car for your budget
- No haggling over price
- No hassle in selling the car when it's time for a new one
- Freedom to choose a low upfront payement to suit you
- Single monthly cost with a maintenance package
- Avoid depreciation that comes with owning a car

With all these advantages now is the time to lease a new car with RGW Contracts.

What do I get when Iease a vehicle with RGW Contracts?

Leasing doesn't just give you a fantastic new car at an affordable monthly price. You also get:

- Full manufacturer warranty
- Breakdown cover
- Road tax
- Service and maintenance package (optional)

When you lease a vehicle from RGW Contracts it comes with a full manufacturer warranty, protecting you from unexpected mechanical failures. The vast majority of our vehicles come with manufactur-supplied breakdown cover allowing you to get back on the road as fast as possible. All our vehicles have the option of a service and maintenance package which takes the hassle out of vehicle servicing. This give you a fixed monthly price for all your car needs and the added benefit of covering tyre wear (package dependant and t&c's apply).

What else do I need to know

We want to provide you with a fantastic new vehicle and save you money but there are some things to consider to make sure leasing in right for you.

- Excess mileage charges apply for going over your contractual allowance*
- Damage charges may apply beyond fair wear and tear
- Terminating your contract early will incur a significant charge
- It is a credit agreement and you should be sure it meets your needs
- You don't own the car**

*Some leasing companies may allow you to alter your mileage allowace to for in increase in monthly cost and avoid higher excess milage charges. However it is much better to set an accurate milage allowance at the start of the contract.

**At the end of the contract you will have to return the vehicle to the leasing company. If you preder to own the vehicle for longer period then leasing may not be right for you.

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