Top 5 reasons to lease an electric car in 2020

Electric cars. They have seemingly already become the buzz word of 2020 just a few short months into the new decade. At the beginning of February, the government announced the ban on the sale of petrol and diesel cars would be brought forward from 2040 to 2035. While this is some way off it has brought electric and hybrid vehicles more into the spotlight of drivers searching for their next car. 

There is one problem though, the cost. As the technology for electric vehicles is evolving, the price for being an early adopter is still quite high. This is where electric car leasing can prove to be far more cost-effective. Take a look at our top 5 reasons an electric car should be in your considerations. 

Maximise Your Buying Power

As we said, some electric cars are still quite pricey. Many motorists consider electric cars outside their buying power, especially on top models. 

By leasing an electric car much of this cost is removed. Due to electric cars retaining much more of their value compared to fuel-driven alternatives, the monthly leasing cost is not that different from standard fuel options. This leaves the option to maximise your purchase power, letting your money take you into bigger brands and higher trim levels than a standard purchase. 

Reduced Running Costs

There are many cost-saving benefits to electric vehicle leasing. 

Tax Exemptions

There is a range of ways motorists can reduce the running costs of their vehicles through tax exemptions. All-electric vehicles with a market value under £40,000 are exempt from road tax potentially saving drivers hundreds of pounds each year. 

Business Users 

Electric car leasing offers additional ways to save for business users. Electric cars offer the lowest rates of Benefit in Kind (BiK) tax taken from the value of the car. This calculates the level of benefit business users gets from their company car. With electric cars having the lowest rates of BiK they have the option to again save drivers significant sums each year. 

To add to this, from 2020/21 the government are excluding BiK tax from purely electric cars. Business users will only pay BiK tax on fuel and hybrid vehicles. 

Fuel Costs

While the recharging costs associated with electric vehicles can vary hugely, it is generally accepted the running costs are less than fuel-powered cars. There are two ways to recharge your electric vehicle, the first being installing a charging point in your home and the second a publicly accessible charging point. 

Charging at Home

It is possible (and easy) to set up a charging point at your home providing you have off-street parking. When purchased through the government grant you can get a charging point installed in your home for under £300. Once installed, you pay for the electric used through the charging point as a replacement for refuelling. 

Charging in Public

Charging your vehicle in public is a little different and can require more planning. A range of locations now host electric charging points and this grows each week across the UK. Locations such as supermarkets and shopping outlets are the most common with some gyms and other amenities also now adopting them. Many are provided free by businesses as incentives to use their services or shop there, however, if you do need to use a paid option it is unlikely you will need a full charge. 

Latest Technology

As electric cars are some of the newest on the market, they are packed with some innovative and exciting technology. From camera door mirrors to auto-assist driving aids keeping the car in speed and in the lane with minimal driver interference. It is not only the advancements under the bonnet that make electric cars the option of the future. 

Instant Power 

With electric vehicles, all of your power is stored in batteries located throughout the car. Unlike conventional combustion models, there is no process to turn the fuel into power, meaning the second you put your foot down the charge is applied to where it is needed and acceleration is instant. Very handy for overtaking on motorways and is a certainty to excite drivers seeking a thrilling experience in their new car. 

Excellent Range 

New electric models displace the previous anxiety around the range of the vehicle. You no longer have to worry about needing to stop to recharge every time you do the weekly shop. With some executive Tesla models, it is possible to reach ranges in the high 300-mile range, the Model S claims to reach up to 375 miles on one charge. More mainstream models such as the Kia Niro can still attain a range around 280 miles. If you are unsure of the best model to get the range you need ask a member of our team. 

Electric Car Leasing Options

Audi E-Tron 

The Audi E-Tron is one of the latest premium electric SUVs on the market. If you are looking for a high-end electric model, it will not be far from the top of your list. From the outside, it would be easy to confuse the E-Tron with the Audi Q Range, on the inside, however, you will notice the difference. The front of the cabin is treated to three high-quality infotainment systems to control your every need and comfort as a driver or passenger. View our range of Audi E-Tron leasing deals to pick the perfect trim and extras for your new electric SUV. 

Tesla Model 3

It would be impossible to evaluate electric cars in 2020 without a mention of Tesla. The brand is the most widely associated with electric power and is helping to pioneer the technology. The Model 3 is Tesla’s cheapest model available for leasing in the UK but still sits at the higher end of the market, what you get for your extra spend though makes it rank highly for many motorists. 

With a sleek design, explosive power and market-leading technology packed inside, the Model 3 certainly has the head-turning wow factor on your local high street. As the car is fully electric there is no need for a grill to cool the engine, so there isn’t one, probably the biggest design factor about the Tesla range and it certainly adds to its looks. Inside the car is minimalist by design, the single 15-inch iPad design touchscreen infotainment system lets you control almost everything with complete ease and modernistic 

Nissan Leaf 

Electric car leasing is not just reserved for elite models. The Nissan Leaf provides a pure-electric family hatchback ideal fr city centre life. Owning an electric car is becoming more of a popular buying choice and as such more and more accessible car brands are offering alternative fuels. 

The Leaf feels and acts like a normal family car. There is plenty of space, the car is practical and comfortable, with ample boot space for the school run or the weekly shop. The looks are more futuristic in the Leaf with smooth lines in the bodywork. As you may expect there are slightly more gadgets in Nissan’s electric offering with digital displays and a smart infotainment system to raise the standard. While Nissan Leaf may not have the range of more expensive electric models, if you are only doing short city commutes, it is an affordable alternative you should consider. 

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