Why Go Electric

Advantages to Electric Cars

Buying an electric car outright can be more expensive that the equivalent petrol or diesel model as such leasing can be a far more attractive method of owning the latest electronic vehicles.

Most major manufacturers are looking to develop electric vehicles so the is a wide variety of vehicles out there so suit all requirements and budgets.

Benefits to leasing electric include:
• Lower running costs
• Reduced fuel costs
• Reduced emissions whilst driving
• Avoid depreciation due to car ownership
• Hand the car back at the end of the lease and upgrade to the latest model

Full Electric

Fully electric vehicles are powered from your mains electric. For most people this will be a charging point at home though as the UK invests in infrastructure for electric vehicles more and more charging point are appearing in shopping centres and other locations giving you the flexibility to leave your car charging whilst you do your shopping or go for a coffee.

With zero emmissions whilst driving, exemption from congestion charges and reduced noise these represent a clean and efficient way of getting around.

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Plug in Hybrid

Plug-In hybrids (PHEV) give you the benefits of an electric vehicle but also the reassurance of an internal engine to recharge the batteries if you run out of range.

Plug in Hybrids have far lower emission than a traditional car but more than a full electric vehicle.

Running costs can be slightly higher as they require a petrol but the represent great value for eco-friendly motoring.

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Full Hybrid

Plugging in may not be suitable for everyone, in which case a hybrid vehicle gives you the some of the advantages of an electric vehicle but uses a conventional engine to charge the batteries giving you the freedom to drive further for longer.

The running costs and emissions are slightly higher as the batteries are charged from the internal combustion engine but they have a much greater range than a pure electric vehicle.

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